“We Exist” by Jill Ocone

snapseedI exist.


I am twenty years older

Than twenty-eight.

I am not


Nor did I

Dissolve when

I turned forty.

I exist.


I am one

Of millions.

We are not


Nor did we

Vanish when we

Turned forty.

We exist.


We’ve been

Kicked and ignored,

Shamed and judged,

Inconsequentially consequential,

Older than the media’s

Ideal demographic,

Yet we endure and

We exist.


We are broken,

Yet we are repaired.

We will crack again,

Maybe tonight,

Maybe tomorrow.

Whenever it happens,

We’ll pick up the pieces

And glue ourselves back together

And we will

Continue to



We yearn.

We cry.

We hope.

We nurture.


We exist.


We are childless and

Child full,

Mother Earth and a

Mother of pearl.


Beneath our

Sophisticated silvers

And wrinkles of wisdom

A little girl gleefully glows.

She scampers

Through the dewy grass

And twirls around and around

With her arms open wide

And palms facing the sky

As her pigtails and ponytails

Stretch out straight from spinning.

She never disappeared

And she’s finally

Coming out to play again

Because it’s her time to shine.


We coexist while

Imbibing our

Four tea and fifth tea

And even our sixth tea

With compassion for

And unequivocal

Acceptance of

Each other.


I am enough.

We are enough.

We exist.


We are







Replete with

Knowledge and



We are









cropped-img_0764I wrote this today and thought I’d share. Thanks for joining me on my journey. I’m glad you’re here.

With gratitude,


“We Exist” by Jill Ocone, Copyright 2019 – Jill Ocone“We Exist” was posted on jillocone.com on October 13, 2019. All rights reserved. Please contact the writer for licensing and reproduction/reposting rights.

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