Chapter One-A Novel By Jill Ocone

cropped-triskeleSynopsis: Chapter One chronicles the story of Kelly Lynch, an imaginative Jersey girl who is searching for stability and purpose amid the ebb and flow of the tidal currents of life.

After becoming an educator at Watertown High School, Kelly sparks a friendship with fellow English teacher Shannon Moran, a sassy wild child with an intense love of literature. The two opposite personalities are just what the other’s soul needed, but when Shannon unexpectedly passes away, a grieving Kelly is left questioning the reason for her existence.

The universe guides Kelly to Dublin, Ireland, where she travels on a whim in an effort to honor Shannon’s legacy. While abroad, sparks ignite both her creativity and her heart and she returns to the Jersey Shore determined to begin life anew.

With her future forever changed, Kelly ultimately discovers her true purpose as she learns to trust the journey.

Word Count: Approximately 93,000 words

Genre and Style: Chapter One can be considered upmarket fiction, women’s fiction, and/or commercial fiction. It is written in a style similar to Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn and Nora Webster.

Format: Chapter One is uniquely crafted in three titled parts with three chapters per part: Part One: The Past, or Life; Part Two: The Present, or Death; and Part Three: The Future, or Rebirth. All three parts are written in third person, while both the prologue and epilogue are written in first person. Chapter One’s distinctive structure supports its recurring symbolism, contemporary themes, and captivating voice which will resonate with adult readers of every age.

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