Chapter One-A Novel By Jill Ocone


Kelly Lynch navigates the seas of friendship and the storms of loss as she travels from the Jersey Shore to Dublin, Ireland on a fortuitous journey of self-discovery in my approximately 63,000-word novel titled Chapter One-A Novel.

Kelly Lynch becomes Waterville High School’s newest English teacher, where she befriends fellow educator Shannon Moran. While Kelly grapples with deep scars from her past, she struggles to balance her active life as a teacher and her stagnant marriage to shiftless alcoholic Wayne Coopersmith. Shannon’s encouragement reignites Kelly’s long-ignored passion for writing, while Kelly inspires Shannon to pursue her lifelong dream of studying in Dublin, Ireland.

A double-dose of unexpected tragedy fractures Kelly’s life. In the aftermath, she puts her faith in the universe and follows the countless mysterious signs that collectively point to Dublin. Sparks ignite fires in her creativity and her heart while on her quest to the Emerald Isle as she looks both outward and inward. Kelly’s encounters with two unlikely Dubliners reinforces her awakening, and after returning home to the Jersey Shore, she is determined to pursue her calling as a writer and begin her next Chapter One.

Kelly’s profoundly moving story of how both personal aspirations and friendship endure the trials and the tribulations of the past, the present, and the future will resonate with readers long after they turn the last page. Kelly experiences similar struggles and revelations as that of Casey Peabody from Lily King’s Writers and Lovers while her search for meaning in the mysteries of loss can be compared to Olivia’s in Joanna Cantor’s Alternative Remedies for Loss.

A detailed outline, sample chapters, and/or the entire manuscript of Chapter One – A Novel are available for review as I seek representation and/or publication. Please request by email, Thank you for your interest!