Chapter One-A Novel By Jill Ocone


The Past.

The Present.

The Future.

When all three combine to create life’s perfect storm, you can either run from it or learn from it.

Such is the case of 28-year-old Jersey Girl Kelly Lynch, the protagonist of my 59,500-word novel titled Chapter One-A Novel. Kelly’s inspirational journey of self-discovery as told through a fresh and captivating voice will undoubtedly resonate with women’s fiction readers long after they turn the last page. Kelly possesses the strength and depth of Colm Toibin’s A-Lish Lacey from Brooklyn and her journey after experiencing loss is similar to Olivia’s in Joanna Cantor’s Alternative Remedies for Loss.

The novel opens as Kelly begins her career as a high school English teacher, where she meets fellow educator Shannon Moran. As their friendship blossoms, Shannon’s encouragement reignites Kelly’s passion for writing as she grapples with deep scars from her past while balancing her active life as a teacher and her stagnant marriage to shiftless alcoholic Wayne Coopersmith.

Kelly is blindsided by a double-whammy of tragedy. In the aftermath, Kelly puts her faith in the universe and follows the innumerable mysterious signs that collectively point to Dublin, Ireland. While on the Emerald Isle, sparks ignite fires in her creativity and her heart. Ghosts from Kelly’s past and an unlikely inspiration combine forces to guide her to her destiny. Kelly returns home to the Jersey Shore ready to pursue her passion, thus beginning her next Chapter One anew.

A detailed outline, sample chapters, and/or the entire manuscript of Chapter One – A Novel are available for review as I seek representation and/or publication. Please request by email, Thank you for your interest!