What I’m Working On

Winter 2018: I am nearing completion of my first novel, tentatively titled CHAPTER ONE. I am beginning to research agents who represent fiction and women’s fiction.

I write feature articles and Beachcomber column articles, as well as complete editorial work, for Jersey Shore Magazine (published twice a year). You will also find my editorial work and photography in Jersey Shore Publications’ seasonal guides, including Jersey Shore Vacation Magazine, LBI Vacation Magazine, and Point Pleasant Beach Chamber of Commerce Visitor Guide.

I try to spend 30 minutes a few times a week freewriting poetry or whatever comes to mind. I journal every day both in typed form and in bullet form in my planner from Erin Condren.

I’m not getting paid to say that the life planner from Erin Condren was one of the best investments I ever made. I write each event, recycling date, etc. on the monthly calendars. I chose the vertical layout for the weeks, and for each day, I jot down what I want to remember, what I loved about the day, what I wrote, and what I’m grateful for. The system works for me, and now I can look back and see exactly what happened a year or so ago. I also write a lot of ideas on post-it notes which make their way into the appropriate place in my planner for easy reference. I take a few minutes to decorate my days with stickers, too. I absolutely love Erin Condren’s colorful, versatile, and usable  life planner and highly recommend it.