The day after posting my first #WriterWednesday anecdote, life threw me a nasty curve ball. 

Now, if Nasty Nestor Cortes, Jr., of the New York Yankees had been on the mound, I like to think he wouldn’t have aimed directly at me. There’s no way in hell I’d ever be able to connect my bat with one of his trademark curve balls, so I am pretty sure I would have whiffed on my swing and struck out.

Unfortunately, Nasty Nestor wasn’t on the hill.

Neither was that choking hazard Aroldis Chapman, who in his better years would have smoked his fastball right by me but now can’t even hit the strike zone.

For once, though, I actually would have preferred if he was the starting pitcher instead of life, who plunked me before I could get my bat off my shoulder and landed me my first hit-by-pitch for the year.

I went down hard, literally, and was taken out of the game instead of taking my base.

I was placed on the injured list, duration to be announced (not expected to be too long), thankfully without needing surgery and a full recovery expected. 

While my name is missing from the starting lineup, I’m moving gingerly through the pain with both of my arms in slings and a brace on my wrist, grateful for voice-to-text and to be rid of the plaster cast as hard as a Louisville Slugger.

I can do hard things, and I will get through this stint on the IL.

When I rejoin the active roster, I’ll step up to the plate ready to swing for the fences while slinging a stronger zest for the game called life.

Please note: I am okay but unable to answer questions or provide additional details about what happened, but I thank you for caring about me. I’m glad you’re here.

With light and gratitude,


“2023 #WriterWednesday Week 02: Curve Balls and Slings” was posted on jillocone.com on January 11, 2023. Views and opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the writer, who was not endorsed or compensated in any manner by any entity; views do not represent any of my employers. Copyright 2023, Jill Ocone. All rights reserved. Contact jillocone@gmail.com with reposting, licensing, and publishing inquiries.

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