The Perks of Perseverance

I am beyond elated to share that I signed and submitted a publishing contract with Wild Rose Press for my debut novel earlier this week. This is an absolute dream come true, and I couldn´t be more thrilled. 

Longtime followers and treasured friends know the seeds for my novel were first planted years ago. Instead of neglecting those seeds, I nourished them by listening to the universe and following its breadcrumbs, and that led me to my main character, Kelly Lynch.

I finished the first version of the novel in 2018, but what you will read when it is published is quite different. Kelly´s story of navigating the seas of friendship and the storm of loss on her journey of self-discovery, which led her from the beaches of the Jersey Shore to Dublin, Ireland, will hopefully inspire readers long after they turn the last page. 

The most recent manuscript version grew from each previous one. I’d revise, send it out in queries to agents and publishers, receive rejections, take a break, then revise again, send it out, and so on.

Signing my contract on Monday, February 20, 2023. It’s real!!!!

Both perseverance and my passion for crafting Kelly’s story, which became stronger with each rejection, ultimately guided me to the right publication opportunity. I am incredibly grateful to my editor, Judi, for believing in my novel, and to Wild Rose Press for selecting my debut novel for publication.

I don’t know timelines of anything yet, but the next few months are going to be incredibly exciting as I sail upon uncharted waters towards eventually holding the final, published book in my hands. The novel´s name will be changing, as will some of its content during the editing process, but the changes will only enhance Kelly’s story as it continues to evolve.

I am abundantly grateful for all the kind words of encouragement and comments of congratulations I’ve received on my social media posts announcing my contract. If you took the time to leave me an encouraging word or two, I see you, I hear you, and I thank you for your role in my journey, whatever that may be. I cannot wait to share this next chapter with you.

With light and gratitude,


“The Perks of Perseverance” was posted on on February 22, 2023. Views and opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the writer, who was not endorsed or compensated in any manner by any entity; views do not represent any of my employers. Copyright 2023, Jill Ocone. All rights reserved. Contact with reposting, licensing, and publishing inquiries.

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