Ebb and Flow, Volume 2 (5/17)

Greetings! It’s time for my monthly newsletter-style entry titled “Ebb and Flow” that contains bits and pieces of reflections, updates, and anecdotes. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to…

Enduring the Waves Update: My novel is with the proofreading department as I type this, and it should take a few weeks to receive their final editing suggestions to approve. After that, it goes to layout, and once my editor and I approve the galley proof, it can take up to nine months to be assigned a publication date. I am busy with behind-the-scenes work, preparing marketing materials and the like. 

Floating With Life’s Currents: I’ve been making memories with my kiddos (nieces and nephews), including a trip to Hershey Park with “I” that was cut short by weather, but we look forward to returning later this year to finish riding all of the roller coasters. We rode three: SkyRush, Laff Track, and Fahrenheit. I took “N” to visit Fordham University then we took in a Yankees game last week. It was “Star Wars Night,” and we got our Anthony Rizzo bobble heads! What a great game! The Bronx Bombers came back to win it in the 8th inning 6-5, and we got to see Rizzo blast two home runs and Volpe also hit one into the stands. There’s no feeling like the contagious electricity of Yankee Stadium after a victory. My oldest niece “E” is home from college and working hard, and I took the three youngest (H, I, A) to school for “Bring Your Child to Work” day. Boy was I exhausted after that very active day, but it was worth it. All three said their favorite part was getting lunch from the cafeteria. We’ve got a lot to look forward to this summer, and there’s nothing I love more than making memories with them.

Tidepools: What a great time of year this is, and I am blessed to hear the songbirds, feel the sunshine, and taste the Jersey strawberries. With the sun rising earlier each day, I now have to wear sunglasses for my entire drive to school. Summer will be here soon, no doubt. I’ve written previously about my yoga class, and I am grateful every day for finding my wonderful yoga teacher Katie. Like so many other things in my life, the universe led me to the right teacher and class. I’m disconnecting more to connect with myself, and I like who I am in this moment.

That’s me with the incomparable Andrew McCarthy!

Navigational Hazards and Necessary Detours: I am currently working on finishing a non-fiction manuscript and making progress on one of my two half-written novels. I’ve honored my monthly goal of writing at least 150 words a day.

The biggest inspiration over the past month came from best-selling author and actor Andrew McCarthy. My friend/fellow writer/colleague/former student Mandi Bean joined me for an incredible evening sponsored by Booktowne of Manasquan at the Algonquin Theater on Tuesday, May 9. McCarthy spoke in a question-and-answer forum about his latest memoir, Walking With Sam. The book documents McCarthy’s walk along the Camino de Santiago trail with his son, Sam. Bean wrote a moving and detailed post about the evening which you can read by clicking here. I won’t rehash all of the points she writes about, but I will share that McCarthy’s candid and witty honesty inspired me to my core and I will never again doubt myself that I am a writer. He graciously stayed to take pictures with those who attended, which was an incredible surprise and a moment I’ll never forget. I’m left grateful and inspired by his writing, his candor, and his example. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I’m glad you are here.

With light and love,


“Ebb and Flow, Volume 2 (5/17)” was posted on jillocone.com on May 17, 2023. Views and opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the writer, who was not endorsed or compensated in any manner by any entity; views do not represent any of my employers. Copyright 2023, Jill Ocone. All rights reserved. Contact jillocone@gmail.com with reposting, licensing, and publishing inquiries.

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